Adidas Boost X9000L4 20210806

Adidas Boost X9000L4

B supports the company level “Adidas boost x9000l4” series of column type whole building with high-speed sense and Adidas ZX The series of similar hard profile, straight and shaped upper is woven with surface material and decorated with hot rubber and solid glue to make the surface and shoes present a sense of technology and strength. The middle sole presents a serrated profile with exaggerated thickness difference between the back and front palms, and the heel extends to the large outer width. The design is often not a draught shoe, but also a unique and special small square and deep pattern There is also a special stable mold block along the front outer palm, which is matched with the boost medium material base. The foot feel is very good. Official product No.: fy0775 yards: 3636.5337 38.539 40 40.541 42.543 44.5445 code mm209520b

I like the color very much. There’s no color difference. The customer service recommends a good size. It takes a little time to know the walking effect. It needs to be tested. I really like the color

Adidas Boost X9000L4

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